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Let's together transcend your life by breaking free from the chains that hold you back and move you onto a path of self-love and freedom.

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When you are in physical, emotional and spiritual pain, your body, relationships, self-esteem, motivation and happiness will also suffer.


The life energy which is shared by all living things can be read and guided towards healing.


Opportunities to grow and change will keep presenting themselves until we all take the empowering initiative to change and free ourselves

from the hurt from the past.


Some of my beautiful clients


I received a special gift , the gift was a reading from Karen . I would highly recommend her work to anyone . I’ve had a rough time over the past few years and Karen along with my spirit guides , helped me to see a lot more clearly and to focus on a better version of myself moving forward . Karen was spot on accurate with my past and the toxic lifestyle that was I living . From the first minute of my reading to the last , I resonated with all the wonderful guidance that was coming through .

She is not only brilliant at her work but she also has a beautiful calmness about her which makes you feel completely at ease .Thank you so much Karen!

Brett Luxford


Karen is a beautiful soul that is very Talented in all her work. She has transformed my inner child wounds to gain a stronger more positive mindset in my life. She has also given me beautiful spiritual guidance that has opened me up to the world of possibilities and opportunities. Thank you Karen! You’re amazing!

Tallulah Studd

Rise Above Healing Testimony

Karen's gift is so natural, it is as though she just peels back your physical form and can clearly see everything going on with in.  I got what I truly wanted without even having to ask! Karen's gifts soar beyond this realm and help you deal, let go and transform through life to allow you to shine to your fullest as you were meant to! 

        Natasha Doyle